Q: How do I care for my Dish Drying Mat?
A: For best results, we recommend washing it frequently in cold water with a liquid detergent and tumble dry low.
Q: Why should I use a liquid detergent to wash the Mat?
A: Powder detergent is okay, but we have found in some testing that if the powder detergent doesn’t fully dissolve it may leave some “leftover” granules on the Mat fibers.
Q: How often should I have to wash my Mat?
A: We recommend weekly and before first use.
Q: Why should I wash before first use?
A: To remove any residual dye and other contaminates that the Mat may have picked up while on display.
Q: Why should I not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets?
A: Using bleach on the Mat will break down the microfiber. Fabric softener and dryer sheets put a coating on the Mat so it doesn’t absorb the water as well.
Q: Does the Mat contain latex?
A: No, it does not.
Q: What can I use to remove stains on my Mat?
A: You may use any stain lifter such as Oxi-Clean or Shout.
Q: What happens if my Mat is exposed to high heat?
A: We strongly caution against using the mat as a pot holder, oven mitt or hot pad or even just ironing it as the Mat will melt!